2024-2025 Urban Alliance High School Internship Program Application

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Thank you for your interest in Urban Alliance!
High School Internship Program Eligibility
A successful applicant of the HSIP program would have the following:  
  • Be a senior during the program year 
  • Have half-day or early release schedule 
  • Have the ability to work 8 - 12 hours/week during the school year 
  • Have no or very limited after school commitments 
  • Be on track to graduate with a minimum of 2.0 GPA
  • Are committed to fully participating in the program
  • Submitted Approval from school Counselor
  • Submitted Parent/Guardian Consent
Urban Alliance's mission is to provide internship opportunities to students & families that are economically marginalized. Therefore a student must meet one of the following to be eligible for our internship program:
  • attend a Schoolwide Title I school
  • attend a school with active Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) status 
  • Qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch 
This will be confirmed at the school level. 

Application Instructions
  1. Complete the full application. Your application will not be completed until you press the "SUBMIT" button.

   2. You do not have to finish the application in one session. You can select the option to "Save              and return at a later time" at the top right-hand side of your screen.

   3. Once you have successfully completed your application, your Counselor will be notified so
       they can approve your request to participate in Urban Alliance. 

   4. Once you have successfully completed your application, your Parent/Guardian will be                       emailed a Consent form at the Email provided. This must be submitted in order to be                       eligible to participate in Urban Alliance. 

About You!

The questions below are about you, where you live, how we'll contact you, and where you go to school.
Contact Information

The format MM/DD/YYYY is required.

Include Unit Number if Applicable

Please ensure you are regularly monitoring this email as all correspondence from Urban Alliance will be sent to this address.

About Your School
The questions below are about your academic experiences so far.

Only select this option if you cannot find your school in the list below.

Start typing in your school's name and select it when it pops up! If you can't find your school on this list, select "I can't find my school in this list" above.

Tell us the name of your school so that we can add it to our list!


At Urban Alliance we think it’s important to understand the population that we’re working with which is why we’re asking the following questions. Your responses will be kept confidential by the evaluation and program teams and will be used only in aggregate. Please feel free to select that you'd prefer not to answer any of the questions below.


We are asking the following questions about gender and gender identity to ensure that we understand the population that we work with. 

For clarity on specific terms related to gender, please click the following link: 

Glossary of Terms - HRC



Student Experiences
The questions below are used to learn more about you and your experiences. They are confidential and will not individually be shared with anyone outside of Urban Alliance. Your answers to these questions will not impact your acceptance into the program.

Parent/Guardian and Emergency Contact Information

Parent/Guardian 1: Please list a parent/guardian

When you submit your application, your Parent/Guardian will be emailed a Consent form at the Email address provided. Please ensure the Email is valid and that you confirm receipt as soon as possible.

Email will be sent from an urbanalliance.org address with Subject: Urban Alliance High School Internship Program Consent Form. Be sure to check Spam/Junk folder and/or add to safe senders list. 

Parent/Guardian Consent Form must be submitted in order to be eligible to participate in Urban Alliance. 

Emergency Contact: Please list the best person to contact in case of an emergency

Internship Preferences

Future Career Interests
We are already in the planning stages of selecting job sites for next year. You can help us by letting us know what your area of interests are and what your plans are for after high school.

This information is only for planning purposes and your answer (for example, being unsure about your plans after graduation) does not affect your acceptance into the program or what internship you could potentially be matched to. 

Internship Career Track Opportunity Preference 

Within the High School Internship Program, Urban Alliance offers five industry specific pathway program opportunities. These options provide a deeper exposer to a specific career and can also prepare students for employment within the field directly post-program. Please select if any of these opportunities interest you.

*Please Note, selecting a preference below does not guarantee that you will be placed in that track or that it is offered in your region.

Don’t worry! If you are not interested in one of our Career Pathway Opportunities, you will automatically be considered for our general High School Internship Program to be placed in internship within a variety of different industries for a professional work experience.
Technology & Internet Access
Part of pre-work will require the use of a computer (laptop or desktop) with internet access. Urban Alliance is assessing technology access of incoming students to ensure all students can fully participate. If you do not have access to a computer and/or WIFI, Urban Alliance staff will reach out to you with next steps for receiving technology support for pre-work.


Work Experience

Your Work Experience
The questions below are about your current and previous employment.

Personal Statement

This personal statement helps us learn about you in ways different from your GPA, work experience or recommendations. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to tell us something unique about you that we cannot learn from the rest of your application.

Please answer the following prompt for your personal paragraph (No more than 250 words).
  • Describe why you should be selected for the Urban Alliance Internship Program. What do you hope to gain from this program?

Conditions for Acceptance

Conditions for Acceptance
Please read following statements carefully as they are necessary for your acceptance as an Urban Alliance Intern and check the boxes :
Submit your application
Read through the following instructions before pressing "Submit"

1. Once you press "SUBMIT", you will no longer have access to the application.
2. You counselor must submit the Counselor Form in order to have a complete application.
3. Your Parent/Guardian must submit the Consent Form in order to have a complete application.